Structured Settlement and Annuity Financing

Helping You Secure the Funds You Need

One of the reasons working with our team at All Purpose Lenders is so easy is because we can do most of the work for you. Our team of experts understand there are many ways to help you secure the funds you need and can weigh your situation to develop the best structure possible. We find that many of our clients benefit from annuity financing though which an individual sells some or all of his or her payments, or even simply sells just a portion of future payments.


Customizing Your Plan

Through financing an annuity, you will receive a lump sum immediately. This can come in handy if you are facing an unexpected large expense or experience another change that requires additional finances. We work closely with our clients on an individual basis so we can create a catered plan. We provide quality customer service to help see you through this process and can even help you set up a plan to transfer assets to your heirs, should your situation require it.


How to Get Started

The first step in financing an annuity is to put together the information we will need. It is OK if you cannot find all of this, but having most of it will help us get started:

  • The policy number of your annuity and the name of the insurance provider
  • The dates of both your first and last payment
  • How much you receive for each payment and how often you receive it

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