Accounts Receivable Financing

Access to Immediate Funds through Factoring

The time spent chasing down money that’s owed to your company may best be used elsewhere, such as pushing forward with needed improvement or expansion projects. Yet you can’t very well abandon what’s owed to you if you hope to be able to support such projects. What you need is a third party who can assume your accounts receivable invoices and dedicate their time to making sure that you get paid. All Purpose Lenders can do just that.


What is Factoring?

This process of financing receivables is known as “factoring.” In this instance, we become your factor, buying your active invoices from you at a discount. We then assume the job of collecting on them. Not only do you no longer need to worry about being paid on time, but you also enjoy the added benefits of:

  • Non-recourse should the account default
  • Free credit insurance on your clients
  • Added time to focus on operations, not collections
  • Increased capacity to fulfill larger orders

Accounts receivable financing gets you your money much faster than a traditional bank loan, with most borrowers receiving their cash within 24 hours. This is a terrific option should you be short on funds to meet payroll or other operating expenses, are anticipating increased seasonal demands, or are looking to fund an immediate expansion project

Let us assume the worry of collecting on your invoices. Through accounts receivable financing with All Purpose Lenders, you get the money that’s owed to you faster, allowing you the opportunity to put it to immediate use in improving and growing your company. To see if factoring is right for you and your business, call us today.

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