Equipment Leasing

A New Lease on Your Company’s Fiscal Life

A company is nothing without the equipment it needs to facilitate its day-to-day operations. Yet commercial equipment doesn’t come cheap, and many companies, particularly startups, find accessing quality equipment to be one of the major hurdles to their success. Fortunately, we at All Purpose Lenders can offer some measure of relief to those companies worried about the costs of their equipment.


Our Leasing Options

Should your operating budget not allow you to buy new equipment, we can help to finance its purchase. We can also offer you leasing options with little or no down payment on small ticket equipment orders of less than $150,000, to larger orders of $500,000 or more.  Lease applications can be turned around in as little as 24 hours, and we offer numerous payment structures with lease terms of up to 84 months. Even if your company has a poor credit profile, we can usually still offer you different leasing options while providing you with the chance to rebuild your credit. Government and municipal agencies are guaranteed approval on any leasing package.


Benefits of Leasing

You might be hesitant to enter into a lease agreement while financing options are still available to you. Yet equipment leasing may just provide you with enough benefits to make this option even more attractive than financing:

  • Costs: First and foremost, your lease payments are typically lower than a monthly financing package. Your payments are also fixed during the entire term, eliminating the worry of having to deal with variable rates
  • Upgrades: With the rate at which technology changes, even new equipment may be rendered obsolete within one to three years of its purchase. Leasing gives you the freedom to upgrade equipment without having to try and sell the outdated models.
  • Flexibility: Leasing also allows you to keep your borrowing power free to grow and expand your company. We can even offer you an immediate business financing option through a leaseback agreement, where we buy the equipment from you and then allow you to lease it right back. This can provide you with extra working capital to further increase your company’s financial flexibility.

Ensure that your company has easy access to all of the equipment that it needs by taking advantage of the equipment financing and leasing options offered through All Purpose Lenders. For more information on our many lending options, call and speak with one of our financial experts today.

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