Merchant Cash Advance

Helping You Do Business

At All Purpose Lenders, we understand that there are times during the life of your business during which you will need cash quickly. For some, this could be start-up money. Others could use an increase in cash flow to purchase inventory or simply pay bills. In either case, a merchant cash advance is a great way to secure the money you need.


Money When You Need It

While some businesses turn to a small loan, others see the benefits of taking an advance. We can front you the money against your merchant account based on your future credit card sales. This eliminates the headaches and long application process that are often associated with a loan. Through utilizing our cash advances, we can get your funds to you within a week or less. With an advance, you can:

  • Qualify for up to $200,000 per location of your business
  • Use the money as you see fit, as we do not set restrictions
  • Avoid application fees and closing costs


Giving You Options

Getting a cash advance means you can do things like take advantage of bulk pricing for your inventory needs. When you choose All Purpose Lenders, you are opting for convenience because we give you a variety of ways you can pay back the advance. We do not require any fixed payments, either. Give our team a call today to get the funds you need to do business.

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