Bridge and Hard Money Loans

Helping to Build Bridge over Troubled Financial Waters

As any commercial finance expert can attest to, hard financial times are inevitable for any company. Those companies who don’t prepare for such lean seasons are often unable to survive them. Yet knowing what options are out there for you to take advantage of in order to bridge those gaps between periods of financial prosperity may just save you and your company when times get tough.


Short-term Bridge and Hard Money Loans

We at All Purpose Lenders have a vast network of financial partners and investment firms that we work with, each with the capacity to help your company with a short-term loan. Such financial relief may be a good option to explore if you don’t have access to traditional financing, yet you have the needed collateral to borrow against, such as a commercial real estate parcel. Funds through hard money or bridge loans can be invaluable should your company be facing:

  • External audits
  • Seasonal work shortage
  • Bankruptcy
  • Foreclosure

Whatever the nature of your company’s financial distress, we can usually help. A bridge or hard money loan done through us can get you anywhere from $1 million to $100 million depending on your needs. We know that time of the essence when you’re in need of such assistance, which why we strive to turn your loan around in as little as five days.

We can help you literally build a bridge over troubled financial waters. All Purpose Lenders specializes in bridge and hard money loans to help companies like yours to be able to endure any current or upcoming financial challenges. To see if your company may qualify for such assistance, call one of our financial experts today.

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