Contract Financing

Turn Your New Contracts into Cash Today

The joy and euphoria that comes with landing a new contract is often quickly replaced with the stark reality of realizing that you now actually have to work to fulfill it. Meeting contractual demands in a timely manner is essential in order to keep your customers happy, but it also may tie up your company’s resources, hindering your ability to take on new clients.

You may view the money coming in from a newly-signed contract as money in the bank. What if we told you that our team at All Purpose Lenders could get it out of the bank and into your books immediately? This would allow you the financial flexibility that you need in order to acquire the resources to meet contractual demands while also being able to assume new orders.


Who Benefits From Contract Financing?

Should your contract exceed our minimum threshold of $1 million, we can help provide you with means to better fulfill it through contract financing. This service can be invaluable for startups in those industries that operate primarily through contractual agreements, such as:

  • Technology
  • Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Municipal

Rather than receiving your contracted amount incrementally, we offer to you all up front. This option is available to you even if your contract is still in the negotiation stage.

Allow us to turn your new contracts into cash for you. Contract financing through All Purpose Lenders allows you to accelerate your company’s growth by giving you the financial backing that you need in order to satisfy multiple customers at once. Call today to see how we can make this a reality for you and your company.

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